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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Santa Claus is Kill.

This post is not for those who still believe such thing as Santa Claus exists.
So if you do, great. Happy Holidays!

I warned you.

Ok, so I've posted about how the Japanese celebrate Christmas last year's Christmas post.
Now, I am kinda freaked out by just how fast the time has passed since that post..anyhow, with the city still blasting 80s Christmas pop music, I thought "'s almost Christmas, I want to write about Christmas..something about the happy memories I had as a child."
So now I remember my favorite Christmas show in Japan called "Santa is coming to kill."

I had to really try to think since when I started not believing in the existence of Santa Claus.
The memories of Christmas growing up in Japan as a child are so faded and I kind of came to remember that I never really believed that Santa Claus existed.
As far as I could remember, my parents probably gave me presents for Christmas saying it was from Santa Claus.
Besides having two older sisters, and I mean, older like 9 and 11 years older than me, I never particularly was a child-like child.  I grew up faster in a way that I always was seeing things with somewhat more realistic view.
As being a non-Christian country, the Japanese ideas of Santa Claus were not as particular or detailed as those in America. I never really knew that he was from North Pole until rather recently. (seriously.)
But when my parents told me that Santa left me presents, I guess I was ok with that. They would tell me he came through a window or a door since our house didn't have a chimney like those we saw on TVs or books.  But I knew my parents, specially my father had almost some kind of phobic that he would not sleep unless he really made sure everything was locked at the house. So when they would say things like that instantly made me wonder if they were lying to me or not. I don't think that kind of details really mattered to me though in terms of who gave me the presents or how he got into our house;I was happy that I got what I wanted. 
I don't really remember particular moment that I started doubting my parents for telling me that Santa Claus came to our house and left me presents, but I remember asking them one day if Santa Claus actually exists at all.
They never really answered my question. I think my mom had this nicely awkward smile and said if I believe it, then he exists. 
And I was kind of a child who was questioning his existence from the beginning so their answer put me in the really foggy place for a while.
I remember asking my classmate in early elementary school if she believes in Santa, she was like "Of course!" and I was kind of relieved and kind of thinking that sounds fishy.
By mid elementary school I was pretty determined to deny the existence of Santa Claus.
After watching bunch of skinny Japanese salary-men dressed up like Santa in the city, or my all time favorite movie Gremlin, I was solid.
(Remember, in Gremlin, that girlfriend of the boy told him she found her father in the chimney, dressed like Santa Clause? How sad.)
Well, all these were not my happy or sad memories of Christmas, but there was this show called "Santa is coming to kill" that I really loved.
It was a special TV show that they aired once a year only during the Christmas and the story went something like Santa Claus comes with his axe to murder couples on Christmas day.
It was considered horror but I thought that was rather a comedy.
I just remember so vividly about this TV show because, really, until then, there had been nothing or anyone telling me that Santa was a bad guy.
That's right, I didn't believe in Santa Claus, but it was still shocking as a child to see Santa with an axe.
The most memorable thing about that TV show was that it wasn't like a man dressed up like Santa Claus, he really was the Santa Claus.
I guess that TV show was successful that they made the second episode following year or something but I don't recall watching it particularly.
Oh and it was aired on national television in Japan.
Suppose if they had a TV show like that in America, it'd probably be on cable TV.

So..if you've read my last year's Christmas post, then, there you go.
I was watching this horrifying TV show with chickens from KFC with my family. ;)
What a happy family memory.

Oh, and here's another happy thing to share;

My jewelry was featured in the mail magazine by the Japanese crafts site "Creema" !
Yay for my Japanese fans!
And of course Etsy is open 24/7, 7 days a week.
Have a wonderful Christmas week, everyone!
Thanks for reading,



と りわけこういう出来事があったからサンタを信じなくなったという事はないんですが、(というか覚えていないだけ??)でも自分の両親にある日サンタって本 当に居るの〜?みたいな事を聞いたら、二人とも胡散臭い笑顔で困ったように「居るって信じてたら居るんじゃない〜?」と、これまた混乱させるだけ の煙のように掴み所がない答えが返ってきました。今思えば何とも無責任ではあるけど、なかなかの適当な返事ではあったと思います。
繁 華街でひょろひょろの(アメリカのに比べると大概半分位です、人間のサイズ)サンタを大量に見かけたり、あと私の大好きな映画グレムリンで主人公のガール フレンドがクリスマスにまつわるエピソードを話す流れのシーンを観たりしたのもあってか、サンタというものが虚像であるということを直に学んだんだと思い ます。
古尾谷雅人がサンタ役でとりあえずカップルを 片っ端から持ってる斧で殺していくんですが、誰か覚えてる人いないですかね〜・・。
ハッピーな思い出です。 もうひとつハッピーな エピソードをシェアさせて下さい🎵

12月23日付けのクリーマのメールマガジンにPigeon Dynamiteのジュエリーがフューチャーされたんです!


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