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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Wonderland

*Important Announcement*
Pigeon Dynamite will be donating 20% of its profit made between Nov 1st to Dec 25th 2013
 to UNICEF USA to help children affected by super typhoon in Philippine 
for more information, please go to UNICEF website and check details in Pigeon Dynamite facebook page.

It's less than a week, and it's going to be a very merry  
Also I would like to remind you one last time as it's mentioned above as well-
Pigeon Dynamite will donate the partial profit made since November 1st till Christmas Day in 2013
to UNICEF to support children in Philippines.
Your love and support is much appreciated.

And as you may all know by this post, I am from Japan and obviously LOVE Christmas season.
It is always amusing to see my American friends get freaked out when I tell them that the Japanese celebrate Christmas with KFC.

Kentucky Fried Chicken logo updates
image from

By the way-I used to think his bow tie image (left one) was his tiny body...

They literally reserve the chicken for Christmas in advance and make a line to get it on Christmas day.
They even make a commercial every year.

I honestly did not know how ghetto that sounds until I moved to the US.
But KFC for some reasons doesn't look as bad in Japan. 
It's much cleaner and seems a bit healthier somehow. They have their Japanese original menu as well so might be because of it too.
But most importantly, majority of Japanese people are not Christians.
They celebrate any event. They love Western events such as Valentine's Day (but it's for girls to give chocolate or gifts to the boys they like, traditionally-boys now it's time to book a ticket to Japan) and Christmas. They don't really care what that really is, or know that's actually a religious event.  In fact, Christmas in Japan is never a family holiday. It is not even a national holiday.  The day is for the lovers as their infamous "Love Hotels" packed with those lovers with no vacancy on "Holy Night." Sometimes even magazines and media encourage the single girls and guys to find a love interest by Christmas so that they don't become "losers." After I learned Christmas is traditionally a family holiday, the Japanese participation of that event started looking pretty comical.  If they ever started adopting Thanksgiving, or Hanika, to celebrate, it could possibly be another romantic event for them..maybe it'd come with mashed potato at least.
(I don't think I've ever seen turkey sold in Japan.)
They have their own traditional holidays and events of course, but I started seeing them adopting more Western events. I see Halloween is getting popular in Japan over years.
The difference is it is not for the kids to dress up and go beg for candies, but adults dress up in slutty and silly costumes, party and get drunk.
They just love partying. I love Japan. (and America too..for giving us KFC.)

Wishing you all for a merry Christmas.

PigeonDynamite is all handmade custom pieces.

Thanks for reading.


Pigeon Dynamiteは11月1日からクリスマス迄の売り上げの20%を
フィリピンの子供を支援する為アメリカンユニセフ を通して寄付します。


こっちに来てから発見した事でしたが、日本人はクリスマスにケンタッキーを 予約して迄食べる、と言うと100%アメリカ人は驚愕します。
Kentucky Fried Chicken logo updates
image from





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