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Monday, August 4, 2014

Questions to Be Answered

I have a confession to make-it's been a very difficult time for me to come up with new jewelry ideas in the last several weeks.
And this might just sound I am making an excuse but since I know exactly why, I thought that I would make a post on this. 
Besides my current move of my workspace, there's been just too much sad news that are giving me such a hard time to be creative and productive. (If I was working for a Japanese company, I'd probably be fired right away.)
I could not possibly write a blog after just one post last month.
Why on earth the airplane needed to be shot down?
What the fuck is going on in Gaza, with Palestine, and Israel?
And now Japan is possibly becoming the nation that supports war fares?
I could not stop questioning why the world is how it is today.
And I started researching and looking through the history, trying to understand.
It was like one of the most depressing researches I've done.
It only made me question more about us, human.
Where have our empathy, humanity, understanding and respect gone?
If we, human, were fighting against each other believing that we need to kill each other under the name of God, I honestly believe the God has already left us long, long ago.
There is a book that I read some years ago about Japan.
It talked about how Japan became the nation we know today from the imperial Japan.

There is a story in the book that has been in my head so vividly since I first read;
There was a man who was working at the city hall right after Japan lost in WWII and his job was to list the names of the people who died and tell whoever was searching those people on the list.
And one day, he had a little girl about four or so came up to him saying her grandpa sent her to find out about her father.
He found her father's name on the list. 
With as much gut and hesitation, he told her that he was deceased. 
Despite his expectation of her reaction, she immediately kept herself straight and said, with brutally red tearful eyes, she was told not to cry by her grandpa no matter what the answer would be and was told to keep herself strong.
His everyday was to tell the people "your mother is dead," "your son is dead," but ever since his encounter of that little girl, the whole time he was questioning himself why he was there doing what he was doing.
Under the surface of the nation as the imperial Japan, the citizens of the country were not much different from what they are today.
Of course, the Japanese people now know their emperor is human (believe it or not, the emperor was believed much of a God rather than human being in imperial Japan by the citizens at that time and they had never heard Showa emperor's actual voice until his voice came through the radio for the first time in 1945) and they are pretty much against any war fares to be involved..but so were the people in Japan at that time.
From the book, and this seems it can apply to any countries today that I see the separation between the nation and its citizens.
As the nation (or the government) chases the profit for its certain group of people, it always results in the citizens, who wants nothing but peace, to be sacrificed.

After learning little bit of the history between Palestine and Israel, Ukraine and Russia, all of which interestingly related or involved in one another at one point of their history, essentially I had to learn a lot wider scale of human history to understand why these country became an enemy to each other.
Frankly, all of the research left me doubt in humanity with great despair.
I really think human should not be in favor of all the species, and almost believe the world will be much better off without any of us. 
I was in great depression the whole time I was researching but I knew that I had to know. The greatest enemy of ignorant is that we are not interested.
Why would I give a shit about this? Because I believe I should not turn my back at the events that are happening in the world that could potentially effect our generation or the next generation.
I would like to hate the stupidity of us, but as much as I do, I would want to really believe what the good we are capable of doing.
It is challenging, for as much fucked up shit we've done, it is certainly difficult.
But I still want to believe it is easier to, perhaps not love, but to accept each other than to hate.

One thing that is certain to save our world is education.
Still, though, for the longest time since we've been more educated than ever, it seems we're going into darker age.
What have we done?
What can we do?
I still cannot find the answers and I certainly need to study more and learn more about the world, but that's what's been going around in my head.
If you could tell me your opinion, this time I really appreciate.

Sorry for being a bit emotional, hopefully I can bring some cherish happy post with new jewelry next time!

Thanks for reading.

く る日もくる日も彼の仕事はあなたの母は死んだ、あなたの息子は死んだ、死んだ、死んだと伝える日々だったと言います。そして自分の無力さを痛い程感じて、 自分が何をしているのか?自分に何ができるのか?という事が頭を巡り、その小さな女の子とのやりとりがいつまでも彼の頭の中に焼き付いていたと言います。
国 家という表面上のものをのぞいて、国民は当時も今もあまり変わりはないと思っています。勿論現在の日本の国民は天皇を人間である事を知っているし、お国の 為に〜等というような事は右翼的だと見る傾向にありますが、けれども平和を望むという事は昔も今も変わっていないと思います。国家と国民がいつの日からか 全く違う方向に向かっているというのが殆どの国に当てはまるような気がしてなりませんでした。
人 間の歴史をざっと触り程度に勉強して、パレスチナとイスラエル、ロシアとウクライナの歴史を学んでいくうちに、それぞれの国があるポイントでそれぞれ繋 がっていて、もっと大きなスケールで他国の歴史についても学ばなくてはいけなくなりました。そうするともう暗黒の様な人間の歴史。。ドロドロです。人間嫌 いになる程残酷で、絶望的な出来事がしかも事実であるというダブルパンチに、それでも知らなければならない、という勝手な使命感で読み進めていきました。


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