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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Welcome June! Yes, half of the year is almost over.

Since my last post, time somehow had flown away and I've just finally got time to sit down and write this newly monthly updated blog. Shame on me.
So...I know this is such a last minute, but right now there's a chance to win 
a FREE SAMPLE JEWELRY PIECE by Pigeon Dynamite on Facebook!

It ends at noon on June 5th, which is tomorrow! So hurry!!

And by the way, I am surprised by this trend and I know I am a little behind but 
why is the movie FROZEN so popular??? 

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Am I the only one who have not watched and have no interest whatsoever on these CG animated girls whose eyes are, like, half of their faces? 
 I honestly think that famous cat Sanrio character whose face is bigger than her body is far more attractive than these girls..
People told me the movie was so good and the music is great..I tried to listen to the famous "Let it go" for like, a minute. Just didn't get what is so great about this song..maybe I'm too twisted. I'm a bit allergic to those "feel good," straight positive kind of movies.
I will try the movie sometimes and will let you know how wrong my twisted mind was.
But the other Disney movie, Maleficent, I liked it. all I can say is, Angelina Jolie's cheek bone.

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Maleficent was always my favorite character of Disney movies.
A few years ago I even dressed as Maleficent for Halloween, which later on turned to be a spelled penguin for some any case, I succeeded to be scary.
Come to think of it, I never liked princesses. 
I never liked Snow White, in fact, she is the least favorite Disney princess to me, but I found her mother more interesting and same goes to Maleficent.
I love original Disney movies before the CG animation took over, but also most of the stories adopted from Grimm or Charles Perrault by Disney created in animation were originally much crazier.  I will not talk about the details but it is something that makes more interesting to watch Disney classics.
But if you are not into Disney's or Maleficent, just go watch X-MEN Days of Future Past.
It's a super entertaining summer movie.

 Summer is just around the corner...and Pigeon Dynamite's summer items are on sale!
And new items are coming soon too.

 Thanks for reading.


そして。。ギリギリになりますが、ただ今、FacebookにてPigeon Dynamite 無料でサンプル商品が当たるキャンペーン実施中です!東海岸の明日正午締め切りです!!是非お見逃しなく!

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