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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Styling

Retro Vintage Beads necklace on Etsy

April is the beginning of spring (finally!!) and that's when I start feeling really passionate and happy creating things that truly make me feel happy.
It is unbelievable how much the sunshine, the softness in the air can make you feel so alive.
I love this soft, content season that brings people out on the street (literally..where the hell have all these people been hiding?) and suddenly say hi to each other. We are no longer strangers who used to avoid having any eye contact or any kind of interaction. 

Recently I have made some changes on many of my social medias except Facebook.
I still do though keep posting news, photos and any Tweet that's directly synced to it, and I've been truly thankful for the support I get on every post but I just wanted everyone know that there's so much more about PD's philosophy and concept that I cannot share on just one site.

If you have noticed, there are quite few changes on Etsy site too.
There are items that I changed their photos and added styling images.

Vintage Brass Plate and Beads Necklace-One of my recent favorites

Vintage Buttons and Pins Choker Necklace

I hope it helps to give you a better idea on sizing, what to wear with, etc.
PD's necklaces can add more vintage chic feel to the look, but also changes the styling.

These are all the same dress, but see how PD's necklaces can change its look?
I love playing with the clothes using accessories and jewelry a lot.
And spring is a perfect season to bring your new look!
Enjoy happy spring spree with Pigeon Dynamite!
and don't forget, Monday April 7th is AVEDA's Earth Day charity event!
Pigeon Dynamite's donating a necklace for silent auction!
thanks for reading,


L: Vintage Pearl Tussle Necklace&Ruby Necklace C:Vintage Plate Crystal Necklace R:Indian Bejeweled Necklace
改めてお知らせです。7日の 木曜はアヴェダのアースデーチャリティーイベントです!

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