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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The golden path

Wow, I am a bit surprised this is already my 3rd post. 
I know it's not such a number to be surprised by, but knowing myself enough 
this is pretty impressively consistent. Sorry but it is.
So thank you for coming back, and for those of you who don't have a clue you could read my 1st Post or go to the links below.

this is a rough sketch I did for my "house renovation" assignment in school some years ago 
and ended up doing an acrylic paint of it for my partner later on.

So, I guess it's been already over 4 full months since I started my Pigeon Dynamite and 
I cannot thank enough for the people who have supported me and have continuously been supporting me. I've been very fortunate to have such a wonderful support to do what I love to do. I just sometimes wish that I had taken business in school though I am learning everyday. Come to think of it, I always ended up doing something I never had expected myself to do. I say this all the time but I never even thought I'd be living in the states.

I think I was 15 right before my 16th birthday when I took an escape 
to Canada for a summer being a rebellious teenage girl from Japan. 
 I don't know why but I always loved English and fascinated by the language, and at that time I think that's what I wanted more than being with family or friends.(what a brat.)
(Un)fortunately, I barely could get by with my way far limited English skill and knowledge 
than those I have now.
Besides people there spoke French (I was in Victoria, British Columbia) so you would imagine this poor Asian girl who had never been away from home and family, completely out of her comfort zone, wandering around in a freezing summer in Canada.

Well..not quite.
 I actually loved it.

Even though the Canadians were laughing at my GAP kids winter coat I had to buy 
in July, and even though I took a wrong bus and ended up in a bus garage in a middle of nowhere, I loved it.
One day, I went to one of these subway type of sandwich places and ordered a sub.
And the boy who was working there went, "what's your name?" 
Embarrassing enough I thought he was going to make fun of my name or something. 
  I think I said "NO!" but then he told me he needed my name to put it on my order.
I had no idea that's how they took orders at that time. 
Even Starbucks in Japan didn't (and still don't) take customers' names.
Then he asked me "for here or to go" (I'm not sure if that could have been "to stay" or 
"to take out" or "take away") and again, my English was as bad as my French, so I didn't understand what he said.
Then he did this gesture, pointing at his counter and the outside.
I looked at him and did exactly what he did; pointed at his counter, then outside.
I said "OK!"
I went outside, thinking he didn't want me to stay inside while I wait for my food.
He was looking at me funny from inside and I was thinking 
"most of Canadians seem so nice but I guess a few people are weird."

These mistakes, and kind of mistakes taught me so much more than 
what I could learn from English text books.
I remember my first experience of "American Cheesecake" 
at the cheesecake factory in downtown Victoria with friends. I think that was my birthday.
That sort of heavy cheesecake was something I never had tried in Japan.
At that time, I was so determined to come back to Canada and 
never even thought of moving to America.
 But I guess it was American cheesecake rather than maple syrup that made me across over the sea again later on.

I've visited Canada a few times since I moved to America and
from time to time, I used to wonder what if I had chosen Canada instead of America?
But the answer was always unknown since there's no "if" in the history. 
Perhaps there was a time I thought I wished I had moved there because it was so much fun for me; the whole experiences, 
but I think I already knew the past could never win the present. 
And the past which lead me to where I am today proves that was the right path I took.
So far, that decision has been probably the smartest decision I ever made.

 Well..I guess that's it for this one. Thanks for reading.


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 気づけばPigeon Dynamiteもデビューからもう4ヶ月経ちました。本当にたくさんの人たちからのサポートを受けて頑張ってこれました。感謝しきれないです。



多分メープルシロップよりも アメリカンチーズケーキの方に心躍らされたんでしょうねぇ。



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