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Friday, June 7, 2013

So it's started...

Hi. This is Rie from Pigeon Dynamite. I've decided to start a blog here to make my official Pigeon Dynamite blog post besides 4,5 other sites I have. (I'm such a blog whore!)
For those who never heard of Pigeon Dynamite, it's a jewelry brand that I started in Brooklyn, NY.  It's a one of a kind, custom made vintage jewelry. 

 I think it's easier for you to check one of the links below.

Oh by the way, I am from Osaka, Japan.  Rie is rather a common name in Japan but my name seems to give people here so much trouble pronouncing it. It pronounces more like "LeEh" but I should just go by John at Starbucks. I'm so tired of spelling out my name politely "R as in retard, I as in idiot..." But thanks to former Yankees baseball player Matsui, my last name has been rather familiar for New Yorkers.  When I just moved to NY from CA, I told the UPS guy that's my brother as he asked me if I were related.  He totally bought it but I ended up finding myself a bit sad because-excuse my brutal honesty here, Mr.Matsui is intensely ugly...
Even the sculpture they made is so accurately hideous. 
I took my partner's last name, but in business and most of the time I go by Matsui. 

Anyhow, I initially started out my brand from my own vintage collections that I collected over years and I was giving out these jewelry to friends and family.  
My friends and my partner kept telling me that I should start the business and I kept ignoring because I was trying to focus on something else at that time.  It took me a while but I discovered the challenge was to convince myself that I could do this.  I always think of myself as incapable but that's what has been driving myself to say yes to the challenges at least to try, so this time also the answer was yes. And ever since, the challenge has been making myself try to believe that I am capable of something.

Well, I guess that's it for the first post. Thanks for reading.
This blog probably will be more random talk than promoting my items which I should do..





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