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Friday, August 19, 2016

Pigeon Dynamite featured photos by Tiffanny Chen for #Urbanwatch Web Magazine

 Hi all, I know it's been a while. To keep it short, Pigeon Dynamite is more energized and got more powerful in concept in design. I took a much needed break and came back with some exciting news!
New York-London based web magazine that is coming this year featured Pigeon Dynamite's jewelry pieces!!
A talented New York based photographer, Tiffany Chen captured my pieces amazingly in such a rad style.
I'll say no more, please enjoy some of the gorgeous images and check out their Instagram and make sure to follow!

Featured Jewelry; Rose Quartz Ring
All by Pigeon Dynamite
Tiffany Chen - Photographer
Instagram: @photosbytifff

The Urban Watch - Launching Oct 2016
Model: Beatriz Ramirez @beatriztran
Stylist: Ashley Tanay @ksbagolyszme
Dress: Cotton Candy LA
Location: Washington Mews


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