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Friday, May 27, 2016

Brooklyn Special Report***** f. a. d. weekend!!******

It's a special report from Brooklyn!

Flea markets are no stranger to New Yorkers. We LOVE flea markets.
Every season, there is the new pop-up, hip event happening any neighborhood of Brooklyn. New Yorkers are naturally spoiled for cool eventsWe always die to look for the hottest flea market event in the city.
And this season, it is f. a. d. weekend!

There have been already many press talked about this event, such as downtown brooklyn, and
(my lazy exterior shot)
It's in the downtown Brooklyn, the area where you can find everything from Shake Shack (my fave!), Macy's, Sephora, Starbucks to local cool super highly curated boutiques, organic small coffee shops, trendy vintage furniture stores and etc.
It's the neighborhood where not just tight panted fancy hipsters can enjoy; super family friendly, baby strollers are welcomed
And I needed to go check out myself to see this cool event too, since I will be participating next month!

The building is spacious and friggin' gorgeous. It almost made me think we should all come in in a vintage flapper costumes.

There are many artists selling their handmade products, including post cards, kids clothes, glassware, candles, plants, jewelry, paintings, etc. etc...

It's great to see wallet-friendly priced handcrafted cute items in this area where everything can cost as high as the ceiling.
And what's cool about this event is they change the popup shops every week! So you want to check them out every weekend to find what's new!
Because once you miss...well, then you miss!
You can check their facebook page, blog, and website as they updates every week.

Mark your calendar, Pigeon Dynamite is coming to this awesome flea market on 
June 19th

thanks for reading,

 f. a. d. weekend

(こちらからイベントのリポートをご覧いただけます。英語です。downtown brooklyn, and





Pigeon Dynamite 6月19日 日曜日に参加させて頂きます!!

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