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Friday, April 1, 2016

Stay Happy, Stay Hungry.

This is not an April Fool's Joke, but I finally became an official business owner of Pigeon Dynamite!
It's now registered in NYC, which means it's a registered business in the states.
This is so exciting and feels wonderful.

 I've been doing this for a while now but things have been going well and it was time.
Before I started my original collections, somewhere in my mind maybe had a slight doubt if I could keep doing this for living. (but quite frankly, I just didn't wanna do the paper work for the most part..ha ha ha, I know it's terrible.)
It sounds like a dream-doing what I love for living, right?
I just decided to give it a shot.
I had separated my dream from my first career choice of becoming an interior designer because I was not happy with my job, and I told myself not to worry about it because I found great joy in making jewelry with my hands and wanted to move forward from then on but maybe I was not confident enough.
After numerous customers voice and appreciations I received, and I do give attention to every one of them including concerns and questions, they built up and from their reaction of how I dealt with them and the feedback of my finished pieces, it gave me more confidence and made me believe what I do is worth making it official.
I'd rather regret what I did, not what I did not. I want to remember this moment when I die, and be proud that I did.

I am happier now with my choice and I truly believe that happy people overcome anything.
I've learned failing is not something to be afraid of because it made me prepare for certain circumstances and taught me how to deal with those difficult situations better.
I cannot swim through all the rough waves, and I cannot chase the good waves that passed me.
But I stay happy, and I tried to stay content specially when those difficult situations happened because the negativity could eat me up and that does not create anything positive or creative.
And it is true that even the worst thing ever happened to me, professionally, is not even that bad.
As a person, I am happier now and it is not worth my time or energy for the negativity in my life or small things any more. I know happiness is worth sharing and is contagious. 
Happy people win after all because they have more to give.
And I am ready to share some of the happy news!

These Pigeon Dynamite signature collections now offer various sizes!
More people can enjoy them and more choices!

More news coming its way..but for today, that's all.
 Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

実は私のPigeon DynamiteがNYで正式にビジネスとして登録されました!
自分でも正直よく分からないとこもありつつ、色々理由があるっちゃあるんですが、多少なり前はちょっとした自分なりに疑問というか、疑っているとこが あったのです。ぶっちゃけ。まぁ、大半は書類が面倒だったというのが正直なとこかも。。(




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