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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Firstly, my prayers are with those who lost their families and friends from the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador.
It has been really difficult for me to check the news and see how many people have lost their homes. Even close friend of mine who lives in the area near Kumamoto told me her friend's family lost their home. It is unthinkable how much struggle these people are facing every day and I feel so small there is not much I can do but there are some ways to help them through the organizations:
These days, I really cannot see any reason why I should be complaining about anything.
Every night, I go to bed and say thank you in my head because I really am thankful for everything. I don't know particularly whom I am thanking to; I am not religious but I am blessed to be where I am, surrounded by the people in my life. It is so easy to get used to having everything you need, things and stuff. 
Events like these only remind me that there is really nothing and no reason to take anything for granted. Every day is a gift and I do what I can do today to fulfill my gratitude for my life.
So better have no regret tomorrow for not doing what you can do today.

Here's the exciting news that I am happy to share!
Pigeon Dynamite is coming back to Brooklyn this summer!

I am joining this new flea artists event called f.a.d.!
They are the newest fashin/art/design flea market that is going to debut on May 1st and will be open every Sundays until June 26th.

There will be tons of cool artists works and popups. Pigeon Dynamite's participating date will be announced when it gets closer so stay tuned!
In a meanwhile, I will also report the market details on the blog to keep you posted!

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Pigeon Dynamiteの参加日はまた後日近くなってから再度ブログにてお知らせします!


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