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Friday, March 4, 2016

Insprational Month*Female Jewelry Designers!

First thing first, I am so happy for Leo for winning the Oscar (Finally!) this year.
Now we are just afraid of the day we hear Leo getting married...
 Anyways, if you haven't seen the Revenant, make sure you do.
It's much easier to understand than Birdman by Alejandro G Inarritu.

I see how Hollywood has been talking about this diversity and equal right movement, which are all important issues to discuss but I was happy to see Leo addressing the climate change issue in his speech. Whether you believe he is a hypocrite, it is the truth and we need to really make an action.
It is not a political statement when it is the global threat to any spieces

All the important issues aside, let me talk about this month's topic today.
 Recently, I shared my brief story on Etsy forum community how other female artists inspired or taught me when I started.
It was part of Etsy's PR team for International Womens Day, which is March 8th.

When I started my Etsy shop, I had no clue where to start as many of the Etsy sellers were at first.
I found a Japanese jewelry artist, Yuko on Etsy right before or after I started my shop so I reached out to her first just to ask questions like what I need to do to get discovered or how to create a good shop info etc.
 She was so kind to teach me and answer millions of questions I had.

The reason why I picked her was simply from her beautiful creations-it really spoke to me and attracted me and I wanted to know how to create/show my own "niche."

Not only her jewelry is beautiful, her love of making jewelry and the personal touch to her creation really shows her warm personality.
I most certainly learned a lot in the beginning from her and her shop.
Thank you Yuko san!

And Barbara Michelle Jacobs is another jeweler I look up to and happily to know in person.

Her beautiful creation is always so inspiring. She really was the person who made me decide to start my own original jewelry line; originally I was making jewelry by upcycling vintage pieces, and now I do lost wax jewelry making which is the ancient method to create jewelry I am so happy to know her in person and I myself is a big fan of her creations.

As a jewelry artist, there is always so much more to learn. And I've met two wonerful friends  who are also Etsy sellers and are such inspiration to me.



 Katrina who has been on Etsy for longer than I have is one of a few jewelers that I am so grateful to have met. She is open and always gives me great advice when I need.
 I love all the details and texture of her jewelry pieces and it's always amazing to see her inspiring technique that is used to make her beautiful pieces.


 Her craftsmanship is simply amazing and something I always look up to.

Ini  is a jewelry artist in Brooklyn who is a newer Etsy seller but you could see her talent right away from her creation.

She is also one of my favorite jewelry artists and is so open and honest about her creations.
Her passion of making jewelry always inspires me and she is the one who taught me not to afraid of making mistakes and be creative from the mistakes.
Because this industry can be really competitive, sometimes jewelers are very secretive and protective about their technique and everything, which I guess I could understand but Ini and I talk about our ideas and design all the time. We exchange tips and design inspirations.
And outcome is always positive and gives me motivation.
Because we are rather new to run business, we help each other.

  We, women, can be the best help to each other if we try to be From time to time, though, also there is always the kind of women who judge you no matter what you do and they could sometimes be even more judgemental and sexist than men can be, but I try to keep them out of my world-I might as well just do whatever I want if they don't change the way how they look at things which is nothing inspiring or interesting to me.

My love for creating unique handmade jewelry is for those who are inspiration to others, who are not afraid to be a little different, and who enjoy being who they are. 
I put all the postive thoughts and love into my creation, the only wish I have is to spread the love through it.

Happy early International Women Day~!!

Thanks for reading.















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