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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wedding Fever

Summer is one of the busiest seasons for weddings.
So why don't I write about weddings and hopefully could give some inspirations to those future brides out there?

There are many, many different types of weddings I've attended to;
The Indian wedding, Jewish wedding, Japanese weddings, and American weddings which includes more traditional ceremonial weddings and a court wedding.

 photo: One of my closest friends wedding at the NY city hall.

The Indian wedding was probably the most colorful and the craziest of all the weddings I've been to.
That just kept going days and days with full of people that were supposedly all family members.

I loved how colorful and full of rituals that I had no idea what was going on all the time.

Unlike any other weddings, Indian weddings seem to be less ceremonial decoration things going on such as flowers or centerpiece on tables but it's integrated to rituals or traditional reasons.

Many of the traditional ceremonial weddings I've been to were mostly outdoor ceremony then indoor reception styles.

This was one of these types of weddings in California, at the hotel balcony where the ceremony took place facing ocean. The ocean view/beach weddings are something hard to beat just for the location advantage.

 Detail shot: The rose petals details
The venue is really important but what it counts the most is these details.

There are many themes for those outdoor weddings. It depends on the theme but it probably is natural to take advantage of something integrates the environment.  Outdoor wedding is also the best place to go with crafty theme too. 

 I loved this particular wedding that was all decorated by the bride and her friends.

I love many of these handcrafted themed weddings that you could tell that they put the extra hearts in.

Like I said, the venue is important part too.

Places like this one, for example, changes the character from the daytime to the nighttime.
So the lighting becomes the main decoration for the outdoor weddings.

 But don't get me wrong-the lighting for indoor wedding is just as important as it is for outdoor weddings.
Whether the venue can get the natural light inside, or depends on what time the reception happens could change type of the lighting to go with the theme.
This beautiful indoor reception was night themed so the lighting was controlled and the candles were huge part of ambient light.

The other important part of wedding decoration is the flowers.
Nowadays there are so many choices out there and it is not always necessarily flowers for centerpieces;
it could be air plants or dried fruits or sculptures made of branches or anything really.
But still the flowers seem to be more common for most of the weddings I've been to.
It is also my favorite part of wedding for many reasons-mainly because I love flowers, and it could represent the theme or even shows the couples personalities I think.
 Many elements of weddings are part of the couples characters.
I am not saying it shows who they are but rather represents what they like.
It's not how much money they spend, but tasteful choice could show little bit of what they are like.

Speaking of taste, and I know this sounds and shows how much I love to eat, I always get excited for the food at the wedding as a guest.

In Japan, it is more common that the wedding meal comes in full course-and I mean, FULL course. Not the starter-main-desert, but repeat this twice or three times.
The Japanese culture, wedding traditionally happens more for the guests than the bride and the groom. They normally know if they don't serve enough tasty food, the wedding becomes big disappointment for the guests. It is always interesting to see the couples gathered in the venue or hotel, carefully and seriously trying out for wedding meal tasting event. 
I think the focus on the wedding meal is similar in America too since the cater competition is pretty high here. 
The more memorable ones to me are the buffet style, particularly vegetarian style one because it was such a creative, surprisingly amazing meal. The buffet is rather casual but also it was more suitable for the theme of the wedding, which was essentially perfect and suitable for the style of the couple so it really was more relaxed and fun.   

The best idea of all the wedding desert!

And for the desert, the wedding cakes come in the main focus-for both to see and to eat.
  photo credit: Caitlin Hudnall

Each weddings has a different theme so the wedding cakes naturally become different too-
 All the details of the cake go with each wedding theme. 
The color of the first cake goes with the vintage traveling theme and the trunk it sits on.
The chic night wedding theme added the matching purple flower decoration to the cake.
The last cake is all white color with pearls looks very sophisticated and go with the classic elegant wedding theme.
It maybe is important to follow the trends or popularity of the wedding style for some brides, but rather adding bunch of different styles into one, keeping what you really like or having one solid theme/philosophy in the design and stick with it will make the planning go much more smoothly and the end result will be much more sophisticated and timeless.
Of course you can add little bit of your personality or fun in it.
Little details like these are always so lovely and great inspirations for the future brides.
Don't be afraid to show little sense of humor as well.

My wedding was in Japan, and I really, really had to do it in the spring for a few reasons-one is my visa reason, which was unavoidable and secondly and more importantly I really wanted to see and show the family the Japanese cherry blossoms which I had not seen over ten years in Japan.

Just as important as picking the venue, picking the season was so important in my case.
Luckily we caught the end of cherry blossom season there. 
Even though it is more popular in Japan to do the western style wedding ceremony, we did the traditional Japanese wedding. 

photo: my friends wedding in Japan in western style ceremony.

Lastly, for being a guest of the wedding, I always write a card for bride and groom.
For some people, writing cards means not as important as giving a wedding gift or may seem not fancy enough but to me is more important than anything because I know how special it makes me feel to receive one.
Putting the time and the effort, even little bit of it, makes everything whole lot more special.
Here is the good example. After my own wedding, friends of mine made us a handmade wedding album and a DVD.
These unexpected handmade gifts became the best wedding gifts ever. I could not believe how happy these gifts made us feel.
So, the last time when I was named for my close friends witness at the city hall wedding, I took bunch of photos and made a surprise wedding album for them.
It was a small album, but when I saw her face brighten as soon as she opened the album, I knew I made something special for her and that's what made every minute of work worth it. She said that she had never imagined how happy such a little thing as the album could make her feel and wished she had made me one so asked me to do the wedding here in NYC again..I said no thank you.
(Then she suggested me to become a wedding photographer too-well, that's very a sweet compliment but I am far unskilled and too inpatient to be professional.)

When you are involved in your own wedding, it seems all the emotions in life happen during the whole process. Luckily it ends on your wedding day hopefully.
You may miss it, you may not. I absolutely don't miss it. I am deadly happy that it is over.
But the memories it leaves, you will think it was the special day no matter what. It is never a matter of how much money you spend. It will be the special day that is unlike any other day. That is the truth.
So good luck, and if you were a guest, enjoy but don't drink and drive!

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