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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

RAW Showcase Report Special!

This is Pigeon's Poop's 60th blog post
and it's a RAW Manhattan showcase event's special report! 
(ok, honestly, I've never quite figured out what exactly this event was called..but it's the same one I've been talking about..)

 Since I was scouted by RAW in the end of April, everything just went like crazy fast.
I must thank RAW for finding me and giving me the opportunity to be included in this amazing showcase.
And I also must thank my partner, friends, and supporters who came to this event.
Pigeon Dynamite could not be what it is today without you.
So thank you, truly.  I cannot possibly find right words in any language I know to thank each of you enough and express how thankful I am.
I am one lucky duck to have met each one of you in my life.

And this event brought me some amazing encounters as well.
Cliff, the artist who makes super original rad jewelry, Custom Peace,  from Columbus was my neighbor vendor that day.
Since his booth was right next to mine, naturally we started talking before the show started.
He showed me his native American jewelry inspired beautiful pieces.
(image from Custom Peace Facebook page)

His work is not only unique but also has such depth in design and mad inspiring.
His creativity and talent gave me motivation as a new jewelry artist. 
Definitely check out his Facebook page and Instagram.

And Bohemians, the band from Long Island, was one of my favorite guys of the night.
Don't be fooled by their band name, these guys were totally rocking out that night, which was kind of unexpected because I initially thought these dudes would play something really loose with sitars..but I was wrong.
When one of them came check out my booth before the show started, I noticed he had Japanese origami on his shirt and I saw all the members had them too so I was secretly calling them "Origami boyz" and thinking their music would be something "oriental", sitar again...wrong again. So wrong.,, Mr. yellow, Mr. blue..I don't know if these colors represent anything but nice touch. (image from Bohemians Facebook page)
It was so good to see Bohemians bringing some groovy music and people really enjoying, having good time.
You can tell these guys really love music and it's great and so refreshing to see that in new bands like them.
They are also super nice guys too. (It's like, so comforting to see good musicians who are not bunch of a$sh0les..) They came back to my booth and handed me their album after the show. I wish all the best for them and am very excited for their new gig coming up next month at Webster Hall.

And Pigeon Dynamite had a wonderful night as well.
That day, I carried a bag about size of myself all the way to the city taking a train.
So it started out kinda rough, but as all the artists setting up their stage and booths, time passed by fairly quickly and I wasn't panicking. I would say, doing the presentations in interior architecture school was much more nerve wracking to me.
my friends took pictures of my booth-thank you Y&K!!

My first customer bought two necklaces, and it was a great start of the night.
Other customer saw my necklace I was wearing and went "can I try that? Are you selling it?"
 It was a nice surprise sale.
Luckily I had its head shot. I wasn't putting it out for sale just because it was just really new and was going to have it for sale after the show case.

One of the fashion show models.

 Live music, Fashion shows, dance performance, it was all so cool and fun.

In the end of the day, I was exhausted but too high from all the amazing coffee around Highline Ballroom, such as Ninth Street Coffee at Chelsea market, Blue Bottle, and Intelligentsia. (Yes, I've had it all..)
The location was spot on for coffee lovers like me..and kinda dangerous.
The next morning, with barely enough sleep, I was looking at these cute shit stickers my friend gave me at the show and still feeling the excitement and happiness from the successful night. 
It really was such a magical night.
Having all my favorite people supporting me at the show meant a world to me.
Meeting creative artists from any fields really is my favorite part of participating this kind of event as well.
Meeting my customers, and real persons makes me realize that I am still dealing with people even though business side of reality sometimes forces me to keep my brain emotion less.
I always find it so difficult to keep the passion as business, but also find running business is so much like building a relationship.
Usually my business is through internet, and I cannot know the buyer so I feel extra anxious in a sense that I feel I need to be more honest, providing every possible information about the products, and being completely open for questions so that they could trust me.
Without having real in-person-communication and having the customers physically seeing the pieces I make, I understand it is hard for the customers to decide to purchase.
So when purchase happens on internet, it is so rewarding in a sense even more or so to me than selling it in person. And it's just not the end there. I contact the customers after the purchase as well. It is just for making sure they have received the item, they liked it, have any concerns or just to let them know if I have new promotions or simply just to thank them.
Like I said, business is like building a relationship.
I cannot explain this well, but meeting the customer in person, it creates the certain notion of comfort that I could see it physically that the customer trusts me and my work.
I also can see how it gets addictive to see when customers show that they really like my work.
When I was little, I was always told by my father, who is a business man, that business cannot and should not be survived in a long run if your are not honest.
I was never a daddy's little girl type, but most of basics of business came from him, come to think of it.
 This event made me re-confirm that I love what I do and I want to be better and keep making beautiful jewelry.
So stay tuned for new PD's work.

Well..yes! There will be so many more new items coming!
Summer has just started!
Thanks for reading,



(image from Custom Peace Facebook page)

Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, Ninth Streetとかコーヒー天国。








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