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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Live Prosper

The Japanese world's oldest living person, Misao Okawa, passed away this spring.
 Misao Okawa : World’s oldest person turns 117
When I saw her photos, there was something about the way how all the Japanese people age, like the way how they look when they are really old somehow reminded me of my grandmother.
Mrs.Okawa was a lot older than my grandmother, but their faces with wrinkles and the way how they looked on the wheelchair were a lot similar. I realized that is how we all eventually will become if we were to live for nearly a century; you become smaller, your face, your hands, your body look like something no longer have same function or ability as they used to, and they hardly leave glimpse of what they once looked.
Now, I don't want people to think this is depressing. Aging, for some people, may not be as enjoyable as it was when we were teen or twenties, but let's say that's living. We all are given time equally, regardless of the gender, age, wealth, nationality, sexual orientation, anything. We all have twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year. That is one thing I know that is given absolutely equally to each of us.
Living is consuming our lives. At this right moment, life is born and dying.
Mrs.Okawa said the secret of her longevity was "to eat well, sleep well, and you have to learn to relax."
Luckily, I do two things well-I eat well, almost too well, and sleep well.
But how many people could honestly say they live relaxed today?
We all are living in such a hectic world in a massive rush everyday.
Do we all have even a moment to enjoy ourselves every single day?
These days, that is what's been in my mind.
Am I relaxed? Am I breathing? Am I rushing too much? Then why?
(should I go back to my YOGA routine? Do I even have time for that? etc..)
Because I feel that I have lived my whole life thinking that I had to grow up faster, I now feel that I kind of have lived at least years longer than my actual age.
Although I have seen, done things, it only reminded me how little I know about anything.
And I wonder if I could live up to, or even close to Mrs.Okawa did, would I be able to finally understand the concept of this mysterious thing called "life"?
It is extremely difficult to even conceptualize "life," but when I saw Mrs.Okawa celebrating her 115th, 116th, and 117th birthday in the articles, I kind of "got it." I don't know if that's even right to say "I got it" but that's probably the closest way I can explain how I felt.

Misao Okawa 

I love how Mrs.Okawa smiles in the photos. She dresses up with a flower clipped on her hair.
I remember how my grandmother used to wear lots of jewelry and put a red lipstick on every day and smiled at the mirror.
Even when she got too old to put make up on herself, whenever we had someone to do it for her, she was very happy. She was old, small, and incapable of doing everyday normal things as a person, but inside of her, she was still a young woman.
Every time I saw her smile, it made me realize she was just like me.
Now I wonder, if I ever could live as long as they say human could by 2050, would I look at my photos and go "how wonderful, my wedding happened a hundred years ago"?

Well..that's probably another story, but that's it for the day.
Thanks for reading.

R.I.P. Okawa-san

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 Misao Okawa : World’s oldest person turns 117


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