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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Trend key words for the summer: Raw, Rough, Rrrrrrrr

Definitely one of this summer's key words is World Cup.
Perhaps it is one of the least popular sports in America, but soccer's biggest event, FIFA World Cup 2014 is happening in Brazil. I must say though American team has been getting better supposedly without rigid support from their own people.
I love soccer more than American football. (By the way, when I learned the word "football" in school, I was taught that was soccer. Guess Japanese school's English is more British than American.) One thing I always wonder is why American football calls "World Championship" when there's really only one country participating.  
Anyhow, I digress.  Pigeon Dynamite is supporting FIFA world cup and sending out news via Twitter. So, stay tuned.

Three trending key words I suggest for this summer is, as you can see in the title,
It is unique, unpolished, and wild/organic.

  This item is exclusively available at Master Piece 130 India St. Brooklyn NY1122.
Custom order is available.

There is this certain feel that only the raw minerals have the ability to deliver when you wear them. As each individual is unique and different, it makes it feel special and I am one of those who believe the power in rocks and minerals so I select those quartz carefully too.

When things are not so shiny and polished, there is some kind of hidden beauty and depth in the object more than its surface appears to be.
In my Etsy Treasury, which is curating lists, there's a collection of raw minerals.
 And of course, Pigeon Dynamite loves raw quartz jewelry too.

More items are available on Etsy site!  
And before I let you go, there is one another thing to tell;
my jewelry publication of Jewelry Affaire date has been shifter to October 1st for Autumn issue instead of this upcoming summer issue.
This is not a bad thing, it's just the item they are featuring fits for the autumn issue more.
Stay tuned! 
Thanks for reading.

Pigeon DynamiteはワールドカップをTwitterでもお届けしながら応援してます!

 夏の3つのキートレンドとして、RAW(生), ROUGH(荒っぽい), そしてRRRRRRRR(雄叫び、というか唸り声ですね)が気分な Pigeon Dynamiteの夏の新作達です。
 こちらのネックレスはブルックリンのお店Master Piece のみにて販売中です。カスタムオーダー承ります。


私がキュレートしている  Etsy Treasuryにも厳選して選んだクォーツジュエリーがあります。
Pigeon Dynamiteのページにも勿論沢山のアイテムを揃えています。是非一度のぞいてみてくださいね。

最後になりましたが、アメリカのジュエリー雑誌 Jewelry Affaireへの掲載が今季の夏の号から10月1日発売の秋の号へ変更になりました。

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