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Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Romance

February is usually one of the coldest months in Japan.
My January and February's school absence almost got me a nickname of any hibernate animal.
But the good thing about February is that it doesn't stay with us too long.
And there is...

Valentine's Day!
my favorite donuts shop's window last is like donuts..

It's not just for lovers and couples, but it should be celebrated with happiness and love.

In Japan, it's quite opposite the way how people participate this event.
Girls get present, or traditionally make sweets such as chocolate for their love interest.
Some companies even kind of expect the female workers to bring chocolate for male workers and their boss. However, it's plain manner rather than intimate expectation..well, some might, but in general. 
 It's pretty much controlled by the media just like any, since they normally start selling expensive special chocolate as early as a month before for Valentine's Day in Japan.
Magazines have special columns for what to get for their love interest, boyfriend, coworkers and so on. They say that it's the great time to make their "love confession" to their love interest.
From my perspective, which is somewhere between Western perspective and Asian born and raised perspective,
the Japanese dating culture is quite fascinating because it is pretty different from Western dating culture.
Now I have to say, obviously, everyone is different so generalizing anything, specially by me, isn't something that you cannot find exceptions.
Any person, situation, and result consequently vary and I am not an expert of anything, but I think it's a very interesting comparison to make.
In Japan, dating, or going out, or seeing somebody, (damn, what are all these differences?) does not really start unless the person, usually men, tells the other that he wants her to be his girlfriend.
Initial dating start usually as friends; they may go out in a group, but start having alone dates like normal dates-movies, coffee, etc but until they make their relationship confirmed as boyfriend-girlfriend, there is usually no physical intimacy-and I mean by any. You may not even hold hands.
Everything happens after they officially are in a relationship whereas Western dating normally includes everything before they figure out if they are in a relationship or not.
Like I said before, there are exceptions, but this is kind of a standard dating culture in Japan.
Well, if you are interested in leaning how the Japanese perspective sees dating a foreigner, here's an interesting blog post you can read.

I'm not here to judge the way how people date, most of the cases I am not interested, but I think dating should be a fair game for everyone.

Pigeon Dynamite would like to suggest styling book for an inspiration for a special date night.

February is cold, but it's not a terrible long month.
More likely be spring before we know it.

Thanks for reading,




日 本では、デート?して意気投合、じゃあ付き合おうか、で遠慮せず手をようやく繋いだり 出来る、みたいな感じですが、アメリカやヨーロッパはとりあえず肉体関係云々全部一通り(日本でいうAからC、みたいなの?てゆうかこのアルファベットの 持つ意味は一体??未だに分かりませんが、でも多分誰も使わないからもう良いのか。)一緒に過ごしてみて、さて本気で付き合おうかどうしようか、が基本的 なパターン。

Pigeon Dynamiteスタイリングブックにて、特別な日やデートの日に使える着こなしを特集しています。



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