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Thursday, February 27, 2014

February News

As I announced this blog becoming irregular post last time, I firstly would like to thank you for coming back, or finding my blog by accident, or any circumstances you are reading this now doesn't matter-I thank you.
Now Olympics is over but it is always inspiring to watch world class top athletes.
I personally am a fan of figure skating, to watch, I may just add.
The world of stoicism attracts me and I think any sports has something really similar to the Japanese Samurai spirit "Bushido." One of the most popular female figure skaters in Japan, Mao Asada, to me was more of a fighter rather than just a figure skater. She won a silver medal at the previous Olympics and is a two times world champion also known as the only woman to land three of the triple Axel jumps in competition.

For all these reasons, she was believed to be the closest Japanese representative Olympian to the podium but after her "disastrous" short program, everyone- no more than herself was in shock. Then there was this Japanese politician, Yoshiro Mori, who has absolutely no respect nor understanding on the sport saying "she always falls most critical time" right after her short program which brought her down to 16th place.  Embarrassingly enough, this guy used to be the Prime Minister of Japan.  The media immediately reported his idiotic nonsense comment and the Japanese celebrities angrily responded to his comment onTwitter basically saying he has no clue, which was obviously true.  People didn't stop sending her courage.  With all the people in Japan watching, at her free program, she landed every six jumps and gained her personal best score.  At the end of the day, she did not win a medal, but her performance moved the audience.  I cannot imagine how much pressure she carried throughout with the national flag, and people's expectations.  And she knew the heat among the media was increasing every single day before and during the Olympics on the famous comparison between her and her rival Yuna Kim from Korea.  But all these things faded away when she finished her free program performance.  I could not watch her performance live, but when I saw the footage, I could not be happier for her.  She is definitely a talented athlete but no one becomes an Olympian in a day or month or  year of practice.  There are many years of everyday dedication these athletes put into and for that, I have enormous amount of respect for them. Sadly I have never had that much of dedication in one thing growing up.  The dedication I had (and still do) was eating, sleeping, drinking, and drawing.  I was never a much of a competitive person. (I like to win though..:P)
But it's gotta be a wonderful, amazing feeling though to perform whatever the sport in the Olympics.  You have the world class top athletes to compete with, and the worldwide audience watches you perform as a representative of your country should absolutely nothing to be ashamed of regardless of the result.


Now I have something that I can dedicate myself into and work hard everyday for.
It is much smaller scale but I have little news that I am proud to announce and share with you all this time-my Pigeon Dynamite jewelry piece will be featured in Jewelry Affaire magazine from Stampington publication this summer!

 (which piece will be featured is still a secret..;)
 More detail is coming as the date approaches so stay tuned...
Thanks for reading.

さ て、オリンピックも終わってしまいましたが、世界トップクラスのアスリートはいつも本当にたくさんの感動とインスピレーションをくれます。個人的にフィギュ アスケートファンです。(勿論観賞する、という意味でです。)こういうストイックなものに無条件で惹かれる私です。何というか武士道のような、侍魂に通じるもの があると思います。日本のアイドルの浅田真央ちゃん、今回は本当にファイターでした。

そ してあのショートプログラムでの結果は、きっと彼女自身が日本の誰よりもショックを受けたと思います。森前首相みたいなど素人に「あの子は大事なときに必 ず転ぶ」なんていう、尊敬もスポーツに対する理解すら微塵も感じさせない発言迄飛び出して日本中が荒れました。そんな中で彼女は最後のフリープログラムで 全てのジャンプを成功させてメダルこそ取れなかったものの個人のベストスコアを記録します。こういう場での精神力と集中力はやっぱり世界を競うレベルのア スリートだからこそ持てる、実力だけあってもどうにもならないものだと思います。度々彼女のメンタル面での事を取り上げてる記事を目にした事がありましたが、日本 の国旗を背負って、周りの期待や自分自身へのプレッシャーがどんなものなのかを考えると(しかもそんな若さで)きっと想像を絶する程の葛藤だったと思いま す。しかもこのオリンピックに出る選手はもうずっと何年も何年も、小さい頃からひとつのことに集中して、大会に出て国の代表に選ばれてやってくる訳です。 10歳そこらのそんな小さい時から既に競技をして、挫折や敗北なんかを味わってきている選手達です。私からしてみたらオリンピックに出場出来るなんていう 時点で、もう何も恥ずる事は全くないと思います。というか周りが森前首相のような批評をする立場ではない気がします。

私 は大変飽きっぽくてひとつの事に集中できない子供だったので、アスリートの方達を本当に尊敬します。私が入れ込んできた事といえば、食べる、寝る、飲む、描 く、位ですかね。。負けず嫌いでしたがあんまり努力をしないタイプでしたので(最悪)小さい頃からオリンピックなんて本当に別の世界、という感じでいつも世界 の代表選手を見ていました。

この夏に私のジュエリーPigeon Dynamiteが雑誌Jewelry Affaireに掲載される事に決定しました。


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