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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year's Resolution?

Hi everyone, I hope people of Northeast and Midwest survived this beyond freezing week..
Global warming is a serious deal, people.

It may sound odd but it's hard to believe the year of 2012 was over..which is now 2 years ago...
I cannot believe we already had a full year of 2013.

How weird but it is true as many people told me after 25, it only goes so much faster.
I don't remember much of my teenager time since I also had no idea what I was doing.
Early 20s, I was coming back to more conscious and real mind self.
 Mid 20s was more of digging deeper and now I'm late 20s I already feel that I entered my 30s which I don't really care if I am or not really.
 The number started becoming more and more meaningless after 25.
(At the same time, I do not believe that saying 30 is the new 20 either. That's lame. 30 is 30..and fabulous.)
Life does get more exciting and more enjoyable as you get older, or I mostly think and hope it does.
Though life also gets harder sometimes but those obstacles come to the most meaningful lessons eventually.
It's a lie that I'd have been happier if I never had to deal with things I didn't want to, or I didn't like.
But when that's something I had to do, I did, just like anyone else does.
And I did learn a lot from these experiences. 
The younger you experience more problems and struggle more, the better you become when you are older, I truly believe so.
It is truly difficult though specially when it comes to personal relationships, with friends, family, lover, coworkers, etc.  These things, I don't know if I ever will master any skill to deal with. There is nothing more stressful than dealing with people, I must say. 
But my favorite author and mentor Akihiro Miwa said having a healthy relationship is to keep healthy distance. 
It is so true to any relationship. 
I think I used to care about many little things that had absolutely no value what so ever in my early life and ended up having extra things to worry about.
I wasted so much time and energy on these things for so many years. 
The more you care, the heavier it gets.  Sometimes it is necessary to let go.
Akihiro says 60% is the healthy ratio of energy you need to use for relationships.
No matter how close you are to anyone, you are still individual so once you understand that, you could respect the person and you don't judge or worry about what other people think by your own little knowledge because everyone is different.  You are not perfect as no one else is.
Healthy relationships can bring the greatest joy, on the other hand.
When you look at people who have their focus on happiness and goals, they don't waste their time on these nonsense.
They of course have things they don't like to deal with, but they handle it smartly and move on. They don't waste their time therefore, most of the time, they don't waste your time too.
Respect is always the necessity to a successful relationship.
Each year, I go back and look at my journal and try to learn from my experiences and clear up my mind for a new year.
And my focus becomes clear.

My resolution of the year is to learn a few programs as well as jewelry making technique...and self promotion skill?

What's your year resolution? Share your resolution and If your inspirational resolution gets picked, it will be made as one of a kind jewelry by Pigeon Dynamite

Thanks for reading.




思えば早いうちから何の価値もない悩みに膨大な時間とエネルギーを長年消耗してきました。 ひとつ抱える事に、肩がずーんと重くなるような気になりました。
毎年、自分の日記を振り返って、経験からなるべく多くの事を分析して、一年の経験から学ぼうとします。 そして問題等は反省して、一度頭をリセットして、クリアな状態で新年を迎えます。


インスピレーションを与える抱負/言葉がPigeon Dynamiteの新作となるかも?!


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