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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Morning Relay by Shuntaro Tanikawa

*Important Announcement*
Pigeon Dynamite will be donating 20% of its profit made between Nov 1st to Dec 25th 2013
 to UNICEF USA to help children affected by super typhoon in Philippine 
for more information, please go to UNICEF website and check details in Pigeon Dynamite facebook page.

Morning Relay / Shuntaro Tanikawa

While a young man in Kamchatka
Dreams of a giraffe
A young girl in Mexico
Waits for the bus in the morning haze

While a little girl in New York
Rolls over in her bed with a smile
A little boy in Rome
Winks at the morning sun that colors the column capital

On this Earth
Always, somewhere, 
morning is starting

We are relaying morning

From longitude to longitude
Taking turns protecting Earth, as it were

Prick up your ears awhile before you go to sleep
And, somewhere, far away, 
you'll hear an alarm clock ringing

It's proof that someone has firmly caught
The morning you've passed on

Pigeon Dynamiteは11月1日からクリスマス迄の売り上げの20%を
フィリピンの子供を支援する為アメリカンユニセフ を通して寄付します。



カムチャツカの若者が きりんの夢を見ているとき 

メキシコの娘は 朝もやの中でバスを待っている

 ニューヨークの少女が ほほえみながら寝がえりをうつとき 

ローマの少年は 柱頭を染める朝陽にウィンクする

 いつもどこかで 朝がはじまっている 






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