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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Something new of old

For some time now, having the term "vintage" has been one of the major keywords to attract people on internet. The term became so popular in last five years or so; in fact, it is so competitive that the competition rate goes sky high once the term "vintage" is used on Google search or Etsy for the items. "Vintage Furniture," "Vintage Engagement Ring," "Vintage Clothes," everything vintage. Even there are apps such as Instagram that can make your Saturday brunch Bloodymary look like you drank it in the 70s.

 So, obviously, finding my Pigeon Dynamite on Google or Etsy just by typing "vintage" and "jewelry" is just as hard as counting leaves of trees in a mountain.   
Top regions of the search word "vintage" are the US (100pt), UK (92pt) and Australia (88pt). (Japan scores 6pt in the chart, however this is because I assume the number of people who use Google search in Japan and in English are relatively low.) 
Thus it clearly shows people here have the most interest in "vintage."
According to Etsy's definition of vintage is anything older than 20 years. (so I guess I am vintage.)
 FYI: This may vary, depends on certain things, but the term "antique" is usually things older than a century.

I grew up collecting "old things" before I knew they were called "vintage." 
There were beautiful buttons, pins, jewelry pieces, and things I had no clue what they were. And still to this day I don't know what they were. I didn't quite understand why but they all fascinated me. I'm not going to talk about what's so great about these old things like everyone else does such as saying "oh I love the rustic look." 
Anyhow, as a vintage lover, I believe that this vintage revival movement has an aesthetic spirit. 

My grandma was such a jewelry collector. She had so many beautiful gem stones and was always wearing rings. As a kid, I always loved watching those huge gem stones sparkling on her wrinkly fingers. Now many were passed onto next generation. My mother has altered some of her diamond ring collections by changing the size, or the design. 
They say that human has dug almost all the diamond they could possibly find on earth. It is obviously a very limited resource from the nature just like oil. It is probably very difficult to live without oil in our everyday living now while we can live without having a diamond. But the diamond is something that you can pass onto the next generation unlike used oil. (De Beers' famous phrase of "diamond is forever" is absolutely brilliant.) And of course diamond is much prettier than oil.

I highly admire one of the western wedding tradition of "something old."
My sister in law used her mother's vintage wedding gown for her wedding decorations.
                 photo by Caitlin Hudnall
This was part of her mother's wedding gown used for her bouquet.
Not only it was beautiful, but also it had priceless value that made the bouquet so special.
It is fascinating to me that when new and old come together and create something so special and beautiful like this.
Many of the old things are usually not perfect, some might be beat, or broken. 
I find these pieces so precious and I try to use every part of vintage pieces when I make jewelry.
The vintage pieces I use always make me imagine the story behind it. 
Many things come with value of personal memories, and I like imagining these stories in my head when I think of the design.
I put so much love to the pieces I make because I hope anyone who gets the Pigeon Dynamite item will make new memories with the piece I made.

Thank you for reading. 

”ヴィンテージ”という言葉がイン ターネットでよく見られるようになってしばらく経ちます。ここほんと、5年位の間で凄く人気になって実際に”ヴィンテージ”のフレーズを入れるとヒットす る件がとても多くなっているのに気づきます。なのでヴィンテージの家具、ヴィンテージの婚約指輪、ヴィンテージの服、などヴィンテージを用いた場合の検索 用語はやっぱり競争率の倍率が上がります。今じゃインスタグラムみたいに、今日撮った写真でも70年代に撮ったんか、みたいな加工ができるものまで人気で すね。

なので、当然ながら私のショップをショップ名を入れずにただ”ヴィンテージ””ジュエリー”と入れたところでGoogle何かでは出てくる可能性は皆無。恐らく森に生えてる木の葉の数を数える程無謀です。Googleの統計では”vintage”を検 索している国のトップがアメリカ。アメリカを100として次がイギリスの92、オーストラリアの88となっています。日本はなんとたったの6!でもこれ、 Googleが恐らく日本ではYahoo!に比べてメジャーなサーチエンジンでは未だ無い事と、パソコンの使用率、英語での検索結果である事が理由だと思 われます。それでもアメリカでの”ヴィンテージ”に対する興味がとても高い事が分かります。

私 は小さい頃から”ヴィンテージ”というものも知る前から”古いもの”を集めてきました。きれいなボタンだったり、ピンだったり、ジュエリーだったり、何や ら訳のわからん物迄集めてきました。そして今でも何だったのか分からない様です。自分でも分からなかったんですが、とても心躍らされる何かがこの”古いも の”にはあったんですね。
私 のおばあちゃんは大の宝石好きで、いつもたくさんの奇麗な指輪を見せてくれました。子供ながらにしわの入ったおばあちゃんの指でギラッギラ輝く宝石に心を ときめかせていました。その多くが今は次の世代へ受け継がれました。私の母はおばあちゃんのダイアモンドの指輪のコレクションをサイズ直ししたり、デザイ ンを変えて使っています。
地 球上のダイアモンドはもうほとんど掘り尽くされたと言われています。石油同様ダイアモンドも地球が生み出した限られた資源です。今の私達の生活で石油無し で生きて行くのは現実的に難しい事ですが、ダイアモンド無しで生きていくのは可能です。でも石油と違ってダイアモンドは使われても次の世代に渡す事が可能 です。(デビアスのダイアモンドは永遠の輝き、というフレーズは天才ですね)そして当然ながら石油よりもダイアモンドの方が圧倒的に美しいです。

 私は西洋の結婚式の伝統のひとつ”something old”(何か古いもの、結婚式であると幸せになると言われている4つの要素の”何か新しいもの””何か借りたもの””何か青いもの”のひとつです。)はとても素敵な習慣だと思います。


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